People remark every day about what sort of building we are located in as it is unusual.


We can tell you a bit about the history from what we have found out.  The building itself was constructed circa 1900 as a bank. It was used as a bank up until the 1970s when NatWest took it over. It may have been part of the Natwest group before that time but we have been unable to find out.

Structure and Inside Layout

The building is constructed with two vaults in. One in the middle and one at the back. We are reliably informed by an ex bank manager who worked here in the 1980s that the vault at the back was the one where all the money was kept as well as where the safety deposit boxes were located. The middle vault was where the paperwork was kept when the banks used to keep things like your mortgage title deeds.

 We have tried to tastefully refurbish the building so that it keeps some of its original features while still being practical as a restaurant/tea room/cocktail bar.

We have left the two vault doors intact so that people can see how big and heavy they are. We have also left the access to the garden as it was cut out so you can see that the walls are about 18 inches thick and were constructed with concrete with flint in and also Iron reed bars running through them so if you had paperwork or money here it was pretty safe. (excuse the pun)

Above our restaurant there are now flats but these were originally offices where staff used to work. We have been told conflicting accounts as to whether there is a vault under the building or not,  so perhaps we will find out in the future. The bank manager who comes in said he was not aware of any but we have been told by some others that elderly relatives used to work here in the 60s and they say there was a vault below which flooded and was sealed off after that.

We are aware that the building did flood during the 70s or 80s and that the vaults were also flooded so that peoples documents and money were ruined.

We hope you like it and look forward to welcoming you here in the near future.

From Around the Clock Team